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2016-10-25 6:55 am CST
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Welcome to - the Deaf-Match.Network!


  • is a dating network for the deaf and hard of hearing singles.

  • is totally FREE.

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  • This service is dedicated to the large number of deaf and hard of hearing singles looking for a meaningful relationship, or wanting to make new contacts on a national and international level, or simply to exchange ideas and experiences.
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from to years

  • Inform your friends (email, forum) about this service!
    If you have your own website, simply put a link to this site.

  • You could also offer the use of this service through your PC
    to your friends who are not yet connected to the internet

  • User comments:

    "met my love... thank you... susan"

    "Because I have new parnter. She was my Next week she will join me. I am very happy."

    "I met a beautiful and respectful man. I want to be the one for him so I am telling you good bye. Good luck everybody!!"

    "thank you. i have new deaf partner in london!"

    "I have found a lovely woman in my life. Thus, I have no further needed to use"

    "I have found someone, we are working on a relationship"

    "i want to close my account because i have a new life now and a wonderful girlfriend who makes me happy. thank you for your service website. sincerely, michael"

    "I have a date!!"

    "I found the man of my dream and want to say thanks... had been a great help....hope this continue many more years to come it works for me.. and hope it'll work for others too... thank u again"

    "The man of my dreams contacted me through, we just connected to each other and fell in love. I'm so happy I stayed with for as long as I could until the right man came into my life. deaf-match DOES work, thank you!! ~Carmallita~"

    "I would like to resign because I have found someone who sweeps me off my feet."

    "It is worth to use! I found someone that I met at Thank you for setting up"

    "I want to resign my account because I already have someone who was a former member of thank you so much. bye bye William"

    "all works wonderfully. i have got new friends.. i enjoyed it. thanks."

    "I found someone special. Thanks.."

    "I found a guy i met thru, I am very much in love with him. I want to say thanks very much for and give me opportunity to explore."

    "I found my perfect match and I am not looking for any more woman thank you for everything."

    "I have enjoyed my stay at, and have "met" so many people just like myself. Thank you - a great site!!!"

    "Thank you for a chance to meet some very nice people."

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